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Design Tokens

Design tokens are a methodology for expressing design decisions in a platform-agnostic way so that they can be shared across different disciplines, tools, and technologies. They help establish a common vocabulary across organizations.

👉 Design tokens are your starting point for customization of React UI to make it fit your design system needs. React UI uses CSS custom properties as a primary storage format for design tokens.

Design Token Types

Global Tokens

Global tokens represent the basic, context-agnostic values in your design language. They define color palettes, typography scales, or spacing values, without binding them to any semantic meaning.

:root {
  --pantone-3145c: #00778b;

Semantic Tokens

Semantic tokens define roles and decisions that give the design system its character. They communicate the intended purpose of a global token and are often reused by component tokens.

:root {
  --rui-color-action-primary: var(--pantone-3145c);

Component Tokens

Component tokens represent the values associated with a component. They often inherit from semantic tokens, but are named in a way that narrows down their reusability to the context of the specific component.

:root {
  --rui-Button--filled--primary--default__background: var(--rui-color-action-primary);