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React UI

React components for your design system.

React UI is a themeable, performant, responsive UI library for React apps. Use it simply with no configuration or have full control over your design by tweaking some of the hundreds theming options available.

Currently v0.51.0

Key Concepts

Why another UI library? Because we couldn't find any library that would meet these requirements:

  • 🎨 Full control over design, from design tokens to components. Hundreds of CSS custom properties allow you to customize the design of your app without touching JS.

  • πŸ“¦ Zero configuration needed. Create rapid prototypes that look great with smart defaults and no additional effort.

  • πŸš€ Small bundle size. Because performance matters.

What's Included

React UI consists of four building blocks:

  1. Foundation CSS: basic themeable CSS layer. Mandatory ground zero for components. Learn how to get started quickly.

  2. Components: reusable and themeable React components and layouts: alerts, buttons, cards, and more.

  3. Theme: a collection of CSS custom properties that define the visual appearance of the UI. Learn how to create a theme.

  4. Helper CSS classes (optional): tiny CSS classes with notation inspired by Bootstrap. They can handle details like typography, spacing, colors, etc.



Development of React UI is largely supported by RACOMβ€”one of the leading global players in wireless Critical Infrastructure.