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React UI bakes accessibility principles right into its core.

👉 You can adjust all custom properties on this page (and more) in your theme by overriding values in the design tokens section.

Touch Friendliness

The active area of interactive elements should be properly sized so that the elements can be easily targeted on touch screens. Recommended dimensions may vary from platform to platform, however a commonly used size is 7–10 mm.

Default tap target size in React UI is used by all potentially small interactive components like Alert close button, CheckboxField, or Toggle. Tap target size can be adjusted via the --rui-dimension-tap-target-size custom property (see Theming to learn how).

📖 Read more about touch targets at Norman Nielsen Group.

Form Fields and Reserved Space

Note that form fields with potentially small inputs (like CheckboxField or Toggle) reserve vertical space corresponding to the minimum tap target size. In other words, form fields box model is taller. The reason behind this behaviour is that in many cases the minimum tap target size could overflow its component's box model and tap targets of neighboring components could collide. The extra added space prevents this.

However, if placed inside FormLayout, form fields do not add any extra vertical space because it is already provided by FormLayout row gap. Remember to check that form fields in your FormLayout are properly spaced and interactive elements do not collide should you decide to make any changes to --rui-dimension-tap-target-size, --rui-FormField--check__tap-target-size or --rui-FormLayout__row-gap options.

Horizontal padding is never added to form fields box model so it does not make their horizontal alignment complicated.

Keyboard Friendliness

Many people use keyboard to control their computer. Interactive elements in React UI are highlighted on focus so keyboard users can easily tab over them and see what control currently has focus.

All interactive elements obtain a blue outline on focus. Appearance of the focus highlight can be adjusted with the following custom properties:

  • --rui-border-focus-ring,
  • --rui-dimension-focus-ring-offset,
  • --rui-shadow-focus-ring (set to initial to keep the original box shadow if there is one).

📖 Read more about keyboard accessibility at MDN.