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There are 7 CSS breakpoints to provide you maximum control over the responsive behavior of the layout of your app.

These breakpoint values are used throughout React UI, in components, or in helper classes. You can reuse them in your own CSS and components to create a seamless experience for your users.

Name Value in em Value in px* Usage in CSS** Usage in SCSS
xs 0 em 0 px --rui-dimension-breakpoint-xs @include breakpoint.up(xs)
sm 36 em 576 px --rui-dimension-breakpoint-sm @include breakpoint.up(sm)
md 48 em 768 px --rui-dimension-breakpoint-md @include breakpoint.up(md)
lg 66 em 1056 px --rui-dimension-breakpoint-lg @include breakpoint.up(lg)
xl 84 em 1344 px --rui-dimension-breakpoint-xl @include breakpoint.up(xl)
x2l 90 em 1440 px --rui-dimension-breakpoint-x2l @include breakpoint.up(x2l)
x3l 120 em 1920 px --rui-dimension-breakpoint-x3l @include breakpoint.up(x3l)

* Supposed the root font size is 16 px.

* ⚠️ Consider CSS breakpoints as read-only:* because CSS custom properties cannot be used inside media queries (media query is not a CSS property), changing their values will have no effect. If you need to adjust the breakpoint values, you must override the $values SCSS map defined in styles/settings/_breakpoints.scss.