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API Guidelines

Guiding principles for designing component APIs.

Visual Props: API vs. Theme

While a custom theme is intended to define visual and interaction settings, component API can be designed to allow customization of many kinds, including the visual properties. This may be confusing during the design process of a component. So how do you reliably know which approach you need?

The key difference is whether you want to enable overriding the default value in the component instance:

Do I want to allow overriding this particular visual setting in a component instance?

  • If yes, put it into the API of the component. Developers can adjust their global props, but the option value can still be overridden per component instance.
  • If not, put it into the theme. Developers can change it in their theme and it will be the same for all component instances.


Always use spacing values for all kinds of measures like offsets, gaps, or spacings. This helps keep the design consistent across components.